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About National Bin Cleaning

Dirty, smelly trash bins are germ-filled items and attract pests and insects.

Once these pests and insects find your trash bins, they usually don’t stop there…they end up making their way into your home, transferring germs from the trash bins into your home. National Bin Cleaning provides an efficient, easily affordable curbside trash bin and dumpster cleaning service to the Lake Oconee community, preventing the hazards of bacterial and fungal infection commonly detected on, in and around un-cleaned bins.

Our Process

Let us sanitize your dirty, smelly, pest-ridden trash bins!

Step One –
Curbside Cleaning Visit

Your service starts with a scheduled pickup time and location. Our truck washes you bins on the spot making your trash bin cleaning experience quick and easy.

Step Two –
Clean & Disinfect

Our high-performance cleaning process only takes 30 seconds. Our patented 360 cleaning heads remove dirt and debris from every nook and cranny of your trash bin. Blasting water at over 200 degrees kills all festering bacteria promoting true cleanliness.

Step Three –
Deodorize & Done!

After your trash bin is sanitized and disinfected, we deodorize each container with the scent of your choice by hand.

Get Started

Services and Pricing

Dumpster Cleaning Services

Starting at $80

Please contact us for more information at

706-800-BINS • 844-800-BINS


We not only clean your bins, but we also disinfect, sanitize, and deodorize them as well. Just using a water hose and broom to clean your trash and recycling bins is not enough to eliminate harmful bacteria and diseases that live and breed inside your bins such as: Tuberculosis, Strep, staph, E.Coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. We use pressured water heated to approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit which rids them of 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

Use our “Contact Us” or sign-up page online to sign up easily and quickly

24-48 hours after you sign-up we will contact you with the date of your first cleaning service and details regarding future cleanings, if applicable.

Depending on your area and local trash pick-up schedules, your bin cleaning service will be the next day, after your trash bins are emptied.

Yes! You will be sent a reminder via text message the day before your scheduled service date.

No. you do not need to be home to have your cans cleaned.

Please leave your bins curbside after your trash is collected by your local trash hauler and we will take care of the rest.

If you are scheduled for next day service and don’t want to leave them out overnight you can leave them up by your garage, the side of your house, or somewhere where we can have easy access to them without needing to walk inside an enclosure.

In addition to your bins smelling and looking clean, we will leave a flyer on your bin letting you know it was serviced.

Yes. We recommend cleaning both due to the bacteria, viruses, and germs that build up on both types of cans.

We recommend trying a monthly service; however, we do have quarterly and one-time service options.

All water waste is collected in our self-contained cleaning unit and is disposed of safely.

We currently service the Lake Oconee area including Greene and Putnam counties.